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Lake Superior Performance Rally
Magnum Opus Regional Rally

2021 Season Results

Yooper Cup with Saginaw Vally SCCA, June 19-20 Kinross, MI

Kinross Event 1 PAX
Kinross Event 1 Raw
Kinross Event 2 PAX
Kinross Event 2 Raw

The Shootout at Sawyer, LSRSCCA vs CWSCC, July 17th-18th Gwinn, MI

Gwinn Event 3 PAX
Gwinn Event 3 Raw
Gwinn Event 4 PAX
Gwinn Event 4 Raw

The Sawyer Challenge, LSRSCCA vs FVSCC, August 21th-22nd Gwinn, MI

Gwinn Event 5 PAX
Gwinn Event 5 Raw
Gwinn Event 6 PAX
Gwinn Event 6 Raw

Kinross Conclusion, September 25th-26th Kinross, MI

Kinross Event 7 PAX
Kinross Event 7 Raw
Kinross Event 8 PAX
Kinross Event 8 Raw


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